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         Deborah at Crusade in Burundi, East Africa           Deborah Ministers to Ladies in Kenya, Africa

Deborah Gliebe has an apostolic anointing to the nations.  She is recognized as a prophetic evangelist and teacher.   One pastor described her and husband, Tom, as  ".....full of God's Light and Dynamite".  Deborah ministers in the Rhema, explodes in the gifts and flows in the Spirit.  

Deborah and Tom have experienced the wonders of revival, in the USA and abroad.  They make Isaiah 61:1 come alive as they declare, "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon preach good tidings.....heal the broken hearted.....proclaim liberty to the captives.....opening prison to those who are proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord"

When Deborah was first saved, 35 years ago, she joined church street teams evangelizing, in such  notorious places as the Burnside area of downtown Portland, Oregon, and in outlaw biker camps where even the police refused to go.  She boldly preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and ministering in demonstration!  Deborah, along with her companions, faced all manner of  wickedness but her boldness, combined with the Father's Love, has made her a courageous warrior, a victorious evangelist and an anointed teacher powerfully sharing Jesus and the Cross.  Many were saved, delivered and set free with signs, miracles and wonders accompanying, as the Spirit worked, all to the Glory of God.  She was even appointed to a board position in a men's Christian biker ministry!
Tom and Deborah were married in Bend, Oregon, USA, in 1984.  They have team minister under many tents, on radio, television and in churches, Christian organizations, prophetic conferences, Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowships, Women's Aglow, Doves International and various conferences around the world including, Africa, Australia, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Fiji and other South Sea islands.

The Gliebe's were pastors of FireGate Ministry Fellowship until God called them to go to the Nations in 1997.  They have acted as assistant pastors at a Four Square Church, had their own bi-weekly radio programs, appeared many times on various  TV programs, such as, TBN's, "Praise The Lord', "Warning" and the "Eleventh Hour". Deborah was the teacher/evangelist on a three part TBN  Television  series called "The Evangelist's Heart."  She has been a speaker at many events including the Precious Daughter's Conference in Portland, Oregon attended by 1,000 women and Doves Church Women's Conferences, of which she is the founder, plus many other women's and church conferences.

Consider Deborah for your conference! Deborah's ministry is wonderful and edifying. She is a dynamic teacher,  a Spirit-led prophetess, flows in personal ministry and peppers her sharing with awesome testimonies to the Glory of God. Hear episodes of God's divine intervention, amazing answers to prayers and wonderful ministry stories from around the world.   Hear about the wonders of revival in the United States, Australia and from around the globe giving testimony to our wonderful God of Grace and Mercy.  Many are touched by God's anointing on her life, as Deborah ministers the Love of Jesus, the Grace of the Cross and the covenant promise of His Holy Spirit, in Power!

    "Miracle of the Dove"                             Miracle of the Dove" Close Up
A Sign and a wonder!                                                                              

In Australia, on the third day of an eight day conference, as Tom & Deborah Gliebe, of FireGate Church Ministries, were about to minister on the platform, an Australian Dove flew into the sanctuary, circled the congregation of 200 and then landed on Deborah's shoulder…and would not leave!  The pastor, sitting next to them, was shocked!  The pastor's wife absolutely lost her composure as she had just prayed for a sign that Spirit would stay.  It was the beginning of many Sign and Wonders that happened during the ensuing outbreak of revival!  National News reporters from radio, television and newspapers came.  Many articles were released all over the country concerning the "Living Waters Revival”!  During the next 60 weeks over 130,000 people flocking from across the country of Australia to enter into the outpouring that took place in that small church!  Many nightly News programs had reports on the revival.  Sometimes presented with titles, such as, "Is it God? Or the devil?"  To the Glory of God, thousands were saved, delivered and set free during that revival, never to be the same again!"


         Gliebe's in Victoria, BC, Canada Church             Gliebe's Host TBN with FireGate Team members   

Deborah Gliebe
Revivalist Deborah Gliebe

Deborah: Fun loving & full of God.

Deborah with friend and intercessor, Laura Barrett, 84, who ministered with Amy Simple McPherson at Angles Temple in her early teens.

Jill Austin & Deborah Gliebe minister together at the 2001 Doves International "Women Of War" Conference.

Pat (Cocking) King & Deborah Gliebe minister together at the 2002 Doves International Women's Conference, called, "God's Women Of War",   .


(Left to Right)  
Debbie Keil-Smith, Deborah Gliebe &  Dr. Corin Conway in Portland, Oregon, ministering at the Precious Daughter's Conference with 1,000 women attending.

The Fire Falls in the awesome Living Waters Revival in Kawana Waters, Australia, as she and her husband, Tom, preach under a 1,000 man tent and in other churches across Australia.  God's love, and healing touch changed people and set them free.....forever!