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NOTE:  Tom and Deborah have put together this Fiji "Video NewsLetter"
       so that you can not only read the great reports but actually
 see and enjoy them first hand! 

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Fiji Video Report Descriptions

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Flash Floods of the Glory  (40 Min)
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Speaking from the All Nations Christian Fellowship Conference, (ANCF) platform, at the Vodafone Arena, in Suva, Fiji, before thousands of hungry Fijians was wonderful.  At the end of worship  there came the sound of a thousands feet running towards streams of Living Waters falling from Heaven.  The Fire of God fell and people were slain everywhere.  As in Joel, multitudes, multitudes of weeping Fijians, hungry for His presence, rushed  forward as God's Fire descended. Many were healed, touched and delivered!  (You need to watch the video) The front area of the platform became so crowded that we began bringing them up onto the platform where the Glory reached it's crescendo falling as fast as they arrived.  Touched by His wonderful Glory!



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Pastor David Receives Mantle (14 Min)
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During the service at the Vodafone Arena (above), Pastor Terita (David) Novo, seeing the anointing fall, literally ran to the front of the platform along with hundreds, hungry for the Glory.  Later Tom & Deborah were invited to a large All Nations Church in Lautoka, Fiji, and we were escorted by this same Pastor David  to the Lautoka service (must be God)!  During the service, Deborah laid hands on Pastor David and he received a new mantle of healing.  Then she said, “Lay hands on your people and they will be healed”.  Deborah encouraged him along and he began to lay hands on the large crowd.  They fell like cord wood.  So many were healed!  He was so blessed that he weeped.   All Glory to God!


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The Children's Bread  (15 Min)
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Tom and Deborah were also invited to minister at the All Nations Christian Fellowship in Nadi, Fiji.  Tom ministered in teaching and then began to video what happened next.  Deborah first began to strongly encourage the people to step out on the Word and taste and see His goodness.  Then she began to minister in power.  The Glory came down and the streams of Living Water rained down on the multitude.   After the meeting there were many reports from the people of life changing visitations, healings and personal deliverance.  Some reported feeling wind, seeing a bright light and Angles in the midst of the meeting.  Some reported what felt like fire burning through their bodies.





Demons Cast Out  (9 Mins)
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  After a time of talking with Maggie, we brought her into our temporary living room on Denarau Island.  We cast out the spirit of death and then, by a Word of Knowledge, we excised ancestral "fire walking" demons by commanding them to come out of her!  Once she was free, we prayed for the baptism of the Spirit.  God fell upon her and with hands held in praise she received the  Holy Spirit and the true Fire of God.  Her life will never be the same.

Afterwards, she told us that she came from the  island of Beqa, Fiji, where they still practice fire walking to this day!


Well Cooked Chief
  At breakfast Deborah desired a home cooked Denver Omelet.  In Fiji, any American type omelet was hard to come by so she boldly asked for the chef thinking to personally instruct him in it's ingredients and method of cooking.   Mathew turned out to be a  New Zealand chef, who, Deborah strait away picked up he wanted the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  It turned out that Mathew  had been praying  for six months for the baptism.  So, it was a very  short time later that he was slain by the Holy Spirit being caught by Terry Burcham.  Needless to say, Deborah got her Denver Omelet and the cook got "well done!"   Both left happy.




GOLDEN ORBS:   At one Sunday morning service, Deborah reported seeing an Angle in a vision, with a golden hue and reported it to our team.  That evening, during another service, several digital pictures taken were examined later and whitish orbs, often called “finger prints of Angles, Glory Orbs or Angles” by some, showed up but one over Deborah was "golden" which we have never seen, along with other normal appearing white ones!  Deborah believes that the angle/orb could be dispensing healing Glory because of the great surge we had during the evening service at New Generations Church in Nadi.  

To you, words can not express how grateful we are for helping us touch thousands of souls in Fiji.  Many leaders received ministry through healing and personal deliverance.  We have been invited back in February, 2011, for The World Festival of Prayer & Praise Conference, by churches and many individuals.  We are excited about what God is doing in Fiji and for this opportunity. 

There is no value that anyone can put on those who, through prayer and support, have participated with us in coming to this mission field.  Literally, thousands have been changed because of the demonstration and power of God.  Hundreds were touched in the market place through divine appointments, of which some of these stories were told in the first Fiji NewsLetter  (LINK:  FireGate Fiji NewsLetter No.1 ). 

How can we go lest we be sent?  Prayer is the boat and finances are the fuel.  Help this ark travel again to the next port of call.  May God richly bless you for partnering with us in this life time of ministry of spreading the Gospel on the fields of the World.  We love you for loving the lost with us.  Send us by seeding a financial gift  or being a monthly FireGate partner for 2011.  For information on how to send funds to FireGate go to:  Donate To FireGate   And don't forget to continually pray for us as the darkness of this present day requires much plowing.

Thank you in advance for your continuing prayers and blessings.

Your brothers & sisters in Christ,

Tom & Deborah Gliebe
and our team members,
Terry & Rebecca Burcham

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