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Tom Gliebe's Ministry Information

Tom Gliebe and his wife, Deborah, are revival igniter's whom God uses to cut the bonds of fear, crack the gates of Godless traditions and proclaim liberty to the captives as declared in Isaiah 61.

Tom is a teacher of the Word and mentors in the Gifts.  His teaching is often prophetic in nature and profound in revelation.  He addresses the scriptures in a unique overview that enables people to grasp the implications and awesome beauty of the Word.  He especially enjoys ministering to men and explaining how, they to, can see themselves as the Bride of Christ and a warrior!

Tom and his wife, Deborah, married in 1984, have three children and have team ministered in many churches, Christian organizations, revival conferences and conventions in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Fiji, Cook Islands, Africa and Australia.  They were part of the team where revival fires started in Australia in a small rural church where signs and wonders broke forth. More than 130,000 people ended up flooding into the sanctuary from across Australia seeking Jesus.  That revival lasted over 60 weeks!    

Tom and Deborah, have been assistant pastors, hosted there own radio programs, appeared and hosted many times on television programs such as, TBN's "Praise The Lord" program and "The Eleventh Hour."  They have been guest speakers at many conferences, Full Gospel Business Men, Women's Aglow, etc.  Tom is the administrator for FireGate Ministries, Doves International and Eagles International plus editor of the FireGate News.

Tom's heart cry is for salvation to the lost, deliverance to the captives and for the Living Waters of the Spirit to spread across the world, filling everyone who will drink as spoken of in Revelations 22:17, "... the Spirit and the bride say, Come.   And he that heareth, let him say, Come.  And he that is athirst, let him come: he that will, let him take the water of life freely".

Tomís vision and insights into Godís last days plan are revealing and exciting (Isaiah 60:2).   Many will be encouraged and inspired by his prophetic teaching.  The Glory of the Son is dawning and the light of His Glory is now flooding the Earth to cause the darkness in this world to flee.  (Isaiah 60:2 & Revelation 18:1)  The new wine is pouring, the river is flowing and the Spirit is moving all over the Earth!

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